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Gamma Phi Beta is an international sorority that was founded in 1874 at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Auburn University's Gamma Phi chapter was founded in 1968. Gamma Phi Beta's primary objective is to inspire the highest type of womanhood and build strong girls through many philanthropic events.

To date, Gamma Phi Beta has initiated more than 242,000 women, many of which whom are actively involved in one of over 190 collegiate chapters and 155 alumnae associations throughout the United States and Canada. 



As sisters of Gamma Phi Beta, we display our leadership through love, labor, learning, and loyalty. Our members are immensely involved in many organizations across campus and athletics. We create an environment that cultivates leaders and we strive to lead our campus to greatness.



Gamma Phi Beta's philanthropy is Building Strong Girls. This is a lifestyle and personal goal that all of the sisters of Gamma Phi Beta set for themselves. One way our members build strong girls is by supporting our philanthropic partner, Girls on the Run.

We value learning through high academic achievement. Our Gamma Phi chapter consistently strives for academic success and involvement. We encourage scholarly achievements and create an environment for success in the classroom. This past spring semester we had over 50 sisters achieve a 4.0 grade point average. 





Founded On a Rock. "Since the rock is the firmest and most enduring substance, able to withstand the ravages of time, and offering the strongest protection, it seemed fitting that Gamma Phi Beta should be thus founded."

- Founder E. Adeline Curtis • Syracuse, 1874

We foster enduring friendships and promote lifelong commitment, intellectual and personal growth and service to humanity. The events we look forward to each year are Semi-Formal, Sisterhood Retreats, Socials, Carnation Ball, and other Sisterhood events. 



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